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- Elias, we got lost. How can we find a way back…

- Don't worry. Remember the buns we bought in the city?

- Yeah. With jam!

- You ate yours but I ate only the filling and scattered breadcrumbs along the way.

- What a fool. That never worked even in a childish fairy tales!

- Come on, you're just jealous that it's not your ide… !!! Who's that? She's coming closer!

- I'm scared, let's go out of here soon!


  • WASD or LS to move.
  • Arrow buttons or mouse or RS to look.
  • LMB or 1 or LB/RB to open map.
  • RMB or 2 or LB/RB to switch to order mode.
  • RMB or Space or A or RT to give order.


(thanks for creating these awesome assets!)

This game was made for ๐Ÿ’€ SCREAM EMPIRE ๐Ÿ’€ game jam.


Breadcrumbs.exe 33 MB

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